It’s a fact that happy people are more succesful.
Their beliefs are strong and there’s abundance in energy to achieve the goals.

Sales people are people too

*sarcasm on*
All too often sales people are seen as magicians.
They are self-motivating, even though rejections are recurring in their conversations with prospects and customers.
Helped by this self-motivation, sales-people have enough time to prepare each call and spend hours in cold-acquisition. Luckily, their day has 24 hours, so that a proper follow up of open quotations is guaranteed at all times. Finally, the day comes to an end with a proper administration of each call, ensuring an up-to-date CRM system.
And I nearly forgot, customer-visits and booking orders is part of their job too.
*sarcasm off*

Keep ’em happy

Your company needs orders and your sales-team is a valuable contributor to that.
When growth is on your agenda, the sales-team will be asked to do more.
My belief is that it is possible to achieve this growth by making your team-members more happy.

True sales growth ánd a more happy sales-team can go hand in hand.
Invest in your team and make them happy with:

  • providing Sales Qualified Leads
  • reducing administrative load
  • letting them focus on closing orders
  • allowing time for account management
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the sky is the limit of your current sales-team


When sales-growth is upcoming and you have budget to increase your sales-team, ask yourself, what do I really need?
Do I need more people or more orders?
Consider investing the budget not in a new employee, but in a flexible Sales Qualified-lead-service.

Option A Tell me more

Would you like to see your current team doing better business with the leads that your initiative is bringing? Continue reading here.

Option B Convince me

Are you uncertain whether a third party can do cold acquisition and follow up better than your own team? Continue reading here.

Option C Not for me (yet)

Do you believe adding another person to the team solves it all?
Nobody is saying that is a wrong decision, you may find the right one.
Don’t forget to thank your team for adopting, coaching and training the newcomer.
Within a year you will know if the decision was right.
By that time you may have read this anyway.

“My business went up and people are more relaxed than before!

Now I see how well it works, I wonder why we never considered this before.”

Sales-director 100 fte OEM company

I appreciate your time to read this page.
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a happy salesteam is unbeatable

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