in the age where software-as-a-service, transportation-service Über and hotel-service Air BNB are commonly accepted,
we may re-consider the ideal mix of a sales-team.

Are you ready to think ahead in B2B sales?

Sales of capital-intensive goods or services will always be a trajectory where human contact plays a role.
Your own sales and account-managers are a very precious asset, treat them with care!
And if you want to boost sales, my advise is simple: Spoil them!

Spoiling your salesteam:
-> give presents
-> take away tasks
Sounds contra-productive? maybe…..
Does it increase sales? YES!

If the budget is there: Invest, don’t hire

So you have the budget and a need (or wish) to grow sales results.
Let’s agree on setting some assumptions aside before we move on.

  • No! sales is not exclusively possible with own staff
  • No! your staff doesn’t have enough time to generate and follow up leads
  • No! your sales-team is not always happy with another new colleague

Rather than hiring one more technical sales-employee, leasing another company car and reserving six months of training and polishing,
invest in what your team really needs: Sales-Qualified Leads.

Lead-generation is a skill which skilled people can do.
A sales-qualified lead is the result of numerous actions and activities, carefully prepared, planned, executed and followed up.
Good news: this is a service that can perfectly be outsourced.

So, what’s the present?

Spoil your account-managers by providing them Sales Qualified Leads.
A Sales Qualified Lead only requires a minimum effort to land and score, what a nice gift to receive!
Taking away time-consuming cold-acquisition and all related administration lets your sales-team focus on the work they like most: converting leads to orders.
Can you think of anything better than a happy sales-team, celebrating monthly successes and exceeding sales-budgets?

It is not a trick, it’s a profession

The trick to do acquisition right is to get respected by the -potential- customer, to earn his trust.
Trust the professionals on this, they’ve proven it before.
Another advantage: with the outsourcing of lead-generation, your investment starts to pay-off immediately.
A professional team is ready to become ‘one-of-yours’.
With a Dutch main-office and global presence, there’s a multi-language team of more than 80 skilled and trained professionals available for you.